Alexa Group Buy Review

Alexa Group Buy Review   


Alexa is the world’s largest website analyzer on the internet is now owned by amazon it provides commercial web traffics and data includes website page views, and web analytics, with global web rankings. It analysis over 30 million websites includes small personal websites placed on the internet.

Alexa allows you to basically analyze the website traffic, it helps you to get the information about the website such as the Alexa rankings this means that is lower the rank the more the traffic to the website is.

It also shows the most popular country for that website traffic, it also shows a lot of cool information such as the bounce rate of the website, if you are anywhere remotely connected to online business or internet marketing this is the must-have tool for you.

It also has a very cool chrome browser plugin which you may choose to install and it’s very useful. Overall check out this tool and benefit from it.

Uses of Alexa

  • Keep Tabs On Your Competitors
  • Site Overview
  • Site Comparison
  • Traffic Metrics
  • Engagement Information
  • Audience demographics
  • Basic visitor insights
  • Top keywords from search engines
  • Top upstream sites
  • Top sites linking in
  • Put Your Metrics In Context
  • Browse Top Ranked Sites by Country and Category
  • Take Control of Your Site & Information

Plans and Pricing of Alexa

  • Basic: $19.99/month (try 7 days free)
  • Insight: $79/month (try 7 days free)
  • Advanced: $149/month (try 14 days free)
  • Agency: $299/month(try 30 days free)

Reasons to choose Alexa Group Buy

Alexa has now become a critical factor in determining a website’s success and growth. Developed and maintained by Amazon, Alexa helps businesses access website details such as traffic and rank, allowing them to discover, maximize, and work on actionable ideas to drive their business forward.

With Alexa, you are able to see where your websites rank as well as whom and where your competitors are. The service gives you a clear picture of how your website’s performance, traffic, and other indicators fare against theirs and what you can do to further improve your websites. Alexa also helps you discover opportunities that you can work on to boost your SEO and reach more people, contacts, leads, and prospects.

To improve your SEO, you need to know which keywords are best for your website. Alexa helps you find and concentrate on low-competition keywords to bolster your SEO while avoiding competition. At the same time, Alexa allows you to see what keywords your competitors are using and take advantage of that knowledge by creating SEO strategies that will get your business way ahead.

Alexa delivers a platform that lets you discover and act on SEO opportunities and gives you the SEO tools you need to improve your site’s performance and visibility so you can fully monetize your website.


  • The service and support of this website are really good.
  • It gives many other pieces of information like website load time, website format and also shows the website traffic from each country. It gives very deep information about a website.
  • Contents are really good to analyze any website.
  • The design of this website is really good and it is a very useful website.
  • One more good thing is that website load time is too less than other websites.

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